Sensitive Consignments

For the delicate, precious, high value and confidential cargo.

Solicitors Documents

LTS Couriers deliver confidential and sensitive documents on a regular basis for a number of solicitors firms throughout the UK. As a result of this, the staff at LTS Couriers have developed the knowledge of how to handle and refer to documentations correctly, in regards to the transport of these documents and for invoicing purposes; each document transported will be referred to with clear precision, allowing all parties involved to know exactly what date and time the documents arrived at its correct delivery point.

In order to ensure the documentation is safely delivered, all solicitors documents are transported from the point of collection all the way to the delivery location with minimum stoppages in a highly secured vehicle, creating absolute protection of the documents.

Pharmaceutical Freight

LTS Couriers move freight for pharmaceutical companies on a daily basis, this is anything from a small van load, all the way up to full artic lorry loads, including overnight pallets. LTS Couriers have over one and a half decades of experience and knowledge in regards to transporting pharmaceutical freight. As a result of this LTS Couriers understand temperature constraints, are aware of how secure the freight needs to be transported and also appreciate how delicate some of the goods can be. From all of these years experience, LTS Couriers have mastered the complexity of this type of freight and carry it with an extremely high level of care.


Tender documentation is not something that LTS Couriers treat lightly. At LTS Couriers they understand the extremely high level of importance in regards to time constraints and total confidentiality of these types of documents. For this reason LTS Couriers will only assign their most experienced drivers to successfully deliver these consignments.

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