Next day Delivery Service

Overnight delivery and shipping services for the UK, Ireland, and Europe

Leicester Next Day Delivery Service

Our team of transport and logistics experts with over 50 years of express delivery service experience is our secret to being the most efficient next day haulage, short freight and courier service from Leicestershire.

For our customers who require less urgent delivery services or services outside of the UK, we offer both inland next day courier services and short overnight freight services.

Our years of experience have helped LTS create close connections within the pallet network, and helping to ensure freight transportation from one side of the country to another can be a stress-free while remaining cost-effective.

Leicester Next Day Delivery Service

LTS Couriers offer next day courier services with overnight delivery for customers who require a less urgent delivery service. Our next day courier service has a range of options available from singular pallets to full vehicle bookings.

Our Service

LTS Couriers vows to put customer service at the forefront of our business. Because of this, we happily tailor our service to fit exact customer needs, thus allowing you to rest safe in the knowledge that your package is in safe hands.

Whether you’re looking for overnight delivery to anywhere in the UK or freight services, our industry contacts are sure to make the whole process completely stress free.

Our Fleet

We have a wide range of modern vehicles kitted out with all the technology needed to ensure that your package is delivered safely in record time.

Every vehicle in our advanced fleet, ranging from small vans to articulated trucks, is rigged with live monitoring technology giving the driver real-time traffic updates and allowing you to get 24/7 location updates.

Contact LTS Couriers today, with the weights and dimensions of your overnight pallet for a quote.

Leicester Next Day Delivery Service

Due to our years of industry experience, LTS Couriers are able to offer unbeatable short freight shipping and hauling to Ireland and other European countries.

Next-Day Freight Shipping – Ireland and Europe

We offer a range of different courier services including overnight and next day shipping to Ireland and Europe.

We also tailor our freight services to our customers to ensure that all of your freight and haulage needs are met.

Our service

LTS Couriers provides a range of courier services using our state of the art fleet to get your package from A to B. Whether you need dedicated vehicles for regular international courier services or need assistance operating under less frequent constraints, we can meet your needs.

For more information contact us with weights, dimensions, and quantities as well as the full collection and delivery addresses and receive a quote


Can you deliver something the next day?

Yes, LTS Couriers have a range of top of the range in-house vehicles allowing us to deliver your package more time-efficient than ever before.

What time does Next Day Delivery arrive?

Your next day delivery will be delivered as quickly as possible within a 24-hour to 48-hour time frame. We can be flexible with your specified delivery times.

How fast can you deliver a package?

By keeping up to date with our live traffic updates, we can deliver a package in the shortest amount of time possible.

Is there a next day postal service?

Yes, we offer a range of next-day postal services to the United Kingdom, Ireland and even Europe.

What does next day delivery mean?

Next day delivery means that we will deliver the parcel to your customer the following day.

Is Saturday a working day?

Although naturally, Saturday isn’t a working day, our fleet can operate 365 days a year ensuring both yours and your client’s delivery needs are met.

How does next day delivery work?

We will pick up the parcel from your desired location and deliver it to your customer the very next day.

Do you have maximum delivery sizes?

We have a wide range of delivery options including small vans, articulated trucks, and freight services. For more information on our delivery options please contact us or begin your booking online.

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