Point of sale distribution and insulation, made easy with LTS Couriers experienced drivers.

Creating ease with your POS consignments

POS consignments can be rather stressful and time consuming. However, despite the possible difficulties during the on loading of the freight, the challenge of the goods in transportation and then the complexity at the point of delivery which is likely to be a large conference centre, or a busy high street, LTS Couriers have their experienced drivers to go above and beyond to create ease for their customer.

LTS Couriers have assisted large retail companies and huge home brands in creating success, for both their display work in store and at conference centres such as ExCel in London and the NEC in Birmingham.

LTS Couriers have provided POS distribution and instillations to a vast amount of different customers such as display manufactures, printing firms and many others. These opportunities have allowed them to develop infrastructure throughout their operations to manage a number of scales and complexities.

Please contact LTS Couriers to discuss your unique and individual needs for your POS distribution and instillation, so that their team can cater specifically to you.

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