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Due to the decades of experience in the freight transport industry, LTS Couriers have developed the ability to adapt their operations around almost any need.

Display Manufacturers (POS)

LTS Couriers have many years of experience in POS distribution and instillation, where they have been involved in a number of exhibition set ups. Their couriers have done this up and down the country; including in centres such as ExCel in London, NEC in Birmingham and many others.

Engineering Firms

Engineering components come in all shapes, sizes, weights and essentially many different logistical needs. Due to the experience that LTS Couriers obtain in a number of different fields within this industry, it allows them the ability to mould their operations based on the needs of the specific component. This could be whether the component needs a side load or an immediate response vehicle. What ever the need may be, LTS Couriers have the power to facilitate for it.

Clothing Manufacturers

LTS Couriers have a number of customers in the clothing manufacture industry, such as Shoe Zone. These consignments often consist of many boxes often including a lot of handballing. Delivery locations are often situated in city centres or other hard to reach areas. LTS Couriers provide such customers with small enough vehicles, that the drivers are able to move around city centres quicker than larger vehicles but also are large enough to accommodate for the stock in which they require.

Print Industry

LTS Couriers operate under strict time schedules, which means for print companies that their production lines are not slowed down due to slow courier companies. LTS Couriers appreciate that in the print industry products are likely to be of high value, so their drivers are aware to treat the freight with even more care and caution when securing the load down ready for transportation.

General Manufacturing

LTS Couriers have a variety of different vehicles, which allow them to be flexible around the requirements of many different consignments of all shapes, sizes and weights. For this reason, LTS Couriers are able to serve their customers in the general manufacturing industry well; adapting to a diverse range of goods, through their ability to offer many different vehicles.

Electrical Component Manufacturers

When transporting freight of electrical components, LTS Courier’s drivers are aware that their vehicles are likely to be loaded with many different lines. As a result of this they take the time to ask questions about the products being loaded onto their vehicles, as they know when they reach the delivery point operations could become rather complex. In attempt to create ease, the drivers keep separate different lines and take extra care with fragile and expensive freight.

Other Industry Sectors

As a result of LTS Couriers experience of transporting freight for hundreds of different companies in many different industries, they have developed the ability to mould and be flexible to almost any logistical need whether it be, weight, dimensions, geographical location or even time constraints. No job is too big, nor too small or even too complex for LTS Couriers.

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